When designing an outdoor cooking and entertainment space into your landscape here are some items to consider

Fuel source- There are many different styles of cooking that can be done outdoors ranging you’re your traditional barbecue grill to pizza ovens, wood pellet smokers or even teppanyaki grills, and they all can require different fuel sources. Most barbecue grills are natural gas or propane. For natural gas grills ensuring there is a sufficient gas line nearby is an important consideration as the cost to run a new gas line can be substantial. Electric, charcoal, wood-burning and propane may be alternatives to consider when natural gas lines aren’t available.

Location- People enjoy gathering and conversing around food so proper planning for the flow of traffic in and out of the house is crucial to avoid congestion in your design. Factoring in where the sun sets and which way the prevailing winds blow are important considerations for your design. Protection from the afternoon sun and keeping smoke from blowing towards your guests are crucial to having an enjoyable space.

Functionality- Having suitable space to prep, cook and serve the food is an important part of the cooking process. Having an outdoor trash can, paper towel holder or drawers for storage of utensils and spices offer convenience and efficiency. Lastly illumination, the party doesn’t stop when the sun sets so ensuring you have proper lighting is vital.

Durability- Your outdoor kitchen needs to stand the test of time. Knowing the impact of changing temperatures and the effects of the sun’s ultraviolet Light will have on your materials along with what maintenance is required to protect them is an important consideration when selecting materials.