horticulture [hawr-ti-kuhl-cher] 

noun:   the art or practice of garden cultivation and management.


Horticulture is a comprehensive field of study and practice that encompasses not just plant care,  but the design, construction and ongoing management of outdoor living spaces as a unified, evolving entity.  

At Chip-N-Dale’s Landscaping, this spirit of horticulture is deeply ingrained in all its employees and service crew members. We are not just “landscapers”, but individuals committed to fostering a sense of responsibility, passion and professionalism in our care for outdoor residential spaces. We strive to be knowledgeable about the diverse needs of different plants, sustainable landscaping practices, and aesthetics – all the while ensuring that each minute spent on your property is approached with care, expertise, and commitment.

We invite you to browse the topics under the Maintenance tab to gain a clearer understanding of the Chip-N-Dale’s approach to horticulture and its many facets.