Your front yard landscaping is your home’s first impression. A well-maintained yard with a beautifully designed landscape can increase your home’s visual curb appeal while also increasing the value of your home. Here are some tips on how to improve your front yard’s curb appeal:

Front yard landscape designs should be inviting and should encourage guests to approach your home in a welcoming manner. Functional and well-lit stairways, sidewalks, and pathways are the most effective way to achieve this. Your landscape design helps set the theme for the rest of your home and will draw focus to your home’s unique character. The cohesive blending of plants and hardscape with the architecture of your home is a crucial aspect of achieving curb appeal. Here are some of the ways that Chip-N-Dales Custom Landscaping can help you achieve a welcoming environment and add curb appeal to your home:

The use of small bold clusters of flowers will add color to your front yard landscape design. Bright blooms of red, orange, and yellow hues will attract attention while calmer shades of blues, purples, and whites blend into the landscape and create a relaxing atmosphere. Seasonal flowers will often coincide with the holiday season and add a festive touch to any landscape.

Adding some green synthetic turf between your planting areas is not only water conscious but it can create a buffer and soften the hardscape while enhancing the curb appeal of your home.

Decorating your front entry is the perfect opportunity to showcase your personality with your landscape design. Plants can accent your porch with color, texture, and style. By placing potted plants around your entrance in colorful decorative planters or planting creeping vines around the railings and banisters you can achieve a classic garden appearance